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New research points to traditional attitudes of Millennials


In its 2018 Top 10 Global Consumer Trends report, Euromonitor paints a familiar picture of Millennial behaviour. Some of the soundbites include the generation born between 1982 and 1999’s tendency for ‘flexible, adaptable and personalised experien...

Decentralisation at the heart of Stokke’s transformation


Stokke's recent success over the years doesn't mean their work is done. CEO Jacob Østerhaab states they still have lots to do as he strives for the company to achieve greater quality, grow faster and have a higher pace of product development and innovation.

Great Ideas for Building Your Employer Brand


Work – the thing we spend much of our time doing – is having a bad time of it these days. As research suggests a growing disillusionment with jobs as well as employers is emerging. But what’s gone wrong? Why has the nature of work become such a co...